order before 1pm monday to friday for same day dispatch
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To our valued customers,

Since 2009 we have been trading as SHOP£SAVE as the original idea for this business was to be the first £1 online store but it transitioned into a personalised gifts company instead over the first two years

Now this is the time to re-brand to a new name, new site and new look with new features and new services added

Our new name just goes better with our service, it just looks so much better and we can even make a song about it but we promise we won't go that far, but you will not be disappointed on our new name 

We still own the copy rights for SHOP£SAVE name, logo and website domain, so if anyone wants to buy these rights please contact us

On 1st April 2021 our SHOP£SAVE name will no longer be our name but for all our regular customers that have booked marked our site and know our website domain name then do not worry as you can still access our new site and new name from bookmaking our old site as our current domain www.shoppoundsave.co.uk will redirect you to our new site for 2 years

This is not all that is changing, our ebay store from 1st April 2021 will be closed, we want to make our website our main platform and we have many regular customers that order from us directly on our website, but we also have many regular customers that order from us on our ebay store, but the time has come to close our ebay store and have one main platform that offers many features

Unlike ebay, you can add your photos / text on all our personalised items with your order on our website, your order will be completed same day if ordered before 12pm Monday to Friday & we offer a free local tracked delivery for Flintshire area for our local customers from our very own local courier delivery service which is a new part of our business but also offers low costs letter, large letter, small parcel and medium parcels collection and delivery service for all of Flintshire 

We have added a new business within our own business where we offer a low cost Parcel / Letter collection and delivery with full tracking for our local area in Flintshire, CHECK OUT our new business called CHAINLYNX DELIVERIES HERE  

Unlike ebay, we do not need to add ebay fees and ebay costs on the item meaning our website prices will always be lower than they are or were on ebay


So what is changing? Our name, Our Logo & Our website, our business will still be the same as it has been for 12 years but our new name just goes better with what we do

What is the new Name? This will be revealed here on 1st April, we are not going to give this away yet, but you won't be disappointed with what we will be called

What if I have bookmarked SHOP£SAVE what will happen? You will still be able to come to us direct even if you have booked marked our site in the past, our current domain name www.shoppoundsave.co.uk will redirect you to our new domain instantly as from 1st April

Will there be any downtime on the site when the new site goes live on 1st April? No, this has already been set up, all we need to do is switch the new domain name on, there won't be any downtime when this happens

Will I need to reset my password and email address on the new site? No, this has all been taken care of so you can still access your normal account as normal, no need to change anything

Visit our FACEBOOK store on 31st March at 9am to check out an exclusive offer for all our customers that comes and orders on our website store we we will also reveal our new name