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About Us

Welcome to GIFTS4PICS, Originally known as SHOP£SAVE aka SHOP-POUND-SAVE is a family based business set up in 2009, been selling online here on this website since 2009 and on ebay since 2011, were an top rated seller on ebay since 2011 and Etsy since 2013, We also sell on Amazon and in store and provide first class service on high quality products from Custom products where all images used are 100% approved and Personalised products where all personalised products are designed for you

Our aim is to provide the best shopping experiences for all customers from individual buyers to business big or small all over the world from our ebay store to here oue own website store, with same day dispatch on all orders made by 12pm on ebay or 3pm on our website between Monday to Friday (unless ordering 100s or 1000s of products then a few extra days is needed before your order is dispatched, value for money, high quality images within custom and personalised products where no image will fade over time and designs and themes all made by me for you

All Personalised items are designed for you, no matter if you just want a picture on one side or both with a text or message on your item then we can make it for you, we can even add your logo or design on any personalised item we sell and best of all if you message me a request on what you would like I can even design your order for you and even better I offer bulk discount on all personalised items

There is no limit on what I can do for you on any item I sell, the only limit is your imagination, if you can think it then I can do it, Best of all, unlike other sellers, there is no restrictions on your photos that can be added on any item, casual nudity photos is totally fine as after all, it's your order and will be made how you would like it which is the most important thing that matters

Best of all, we have our Personalised Privacy Policy on all personalised items we sell where you send your image, logo, photo or design, where when your order has been completed and I have sent you a proof photo via email then your image and email you sent that image on and any photos that I have taken of your finished order is and will be deleted from our system

Our ebay items are more expensive than our website items as we will always charge more on all items we sell on ebay, this covers ebay costs and paypal costs, ebay is not our home and will never be so why go to a third party website when you can save more money by ordering directly from us?

We receive 1000s of personal images every week and no image is stored at anytime after your order has been completed, if you wish to make another order at any time with that same image then you will need to resend the photo to us


UPDATED 06/03/2021 - Since 2009 we have been trading as SHOP£SAVE, the original idea for this business was to have the first online £1 shop within the UK, but it transitioned into a gifts company instead, so now, the logo and name does not fit what we do, so come 1st April 2021 we are re branding, new name, new logo, new website but do not worry, you can still find us with our current domain for two years as this domain will redirect you to our new domain name

So what is changing? Our name, Our Logo & Our website, our business will still be the same as it has been for 12 years but our new name just goes better with what we do

What is the new Name? This will be revealed here on 1st April, we are not going to give this away yet, but you won't be disappointed with what we will be called

What if I have bookmarked SHOP£SAVE what will happen? You will still be able to come to us direct even if you have booked marked our site in the past, our current domain name will redirect you to our new domain instantly as from 1st April 

Will there be any downtime on the site when the new site goes live on 1st April? No, this has already been set up, all we need to do is switch the new domain name on, there won't be any downtime when this happens

Will I need to reset my password and email address on the new site? No, this has all been taken care of so you can still access your normal account as normal, no need to change anything

Can I still access my past orders or recent orders with you when the new site goes live? Yes, this won't affect your account with us, your past orders, recent orders, loyalty points you have earned with us will all still be on your account even after we have changed the site and name

Will your ebay store also change? We are going to change our ebay store to our new name on 1st April 2021 but 2021 is going to be our last year on ebay, all new items, new designs, new themes are only going to be added on our website only from now on

We have already copyrighted & registered our new business name and logo and you will not be disappointed when we come to reveal the new look, What will happen to when we re brand to a new name and new website? Do Not Worry, you can still access our new site for 2 years using as this will redirect you to our new site name which we believe you will like more, we will be still using our web address to forward you to our new website and new web address for 2 years so you will still be able to find us easily, after two years our old web address will be inaccessible 

What does this mean for our ebay store? We are looking at our website only to trade from as from 2021, keeping costs low, making it easier for customers to add photos / text to items than ever before, exclusive discounts on repeat orders for loyal customers and so much more and to have a more better service for you, at the end of 2021 we may be leaving ebay for good after 13 years of selling on ebay, we are not going to be adding any new items to our ebay store as all new items will be on our new website,, we hope our loyal customers still come with us on our new journey and order directly from us instead of going through ebay where the costs is higher and your paying the sellers ebay fees

Our prices are lower on our website than on ebay and have always have been, on ebay you the customer is paying for ebay fees and ebay costs on that item, we want our website to be the main seller from now on where no ebay costs are added on any of our items on our website, the costs are lower so we have lower prices on our website compared to our ebay store, if we wanted to stay on ebay then, we will have to raise prices even more to cover all of ebay fees and costs that they are adding on sellers, it is now more expensive to sell on ebay compared to Amazon or Etsy or even Ebid

ALSO ADDED WHICH IS PART OF OUR BUSINESS, we have created a all new Local Collection & Delivery service called CHAINLYNX DELIVERIES for Flintshire area, where all our local customers will benefit with next day if not same day fully tracked Delivery service with their orders with us, but that is not all, we are also collecting local customers / local businesses packages and delivering them locally at a very low cost which is cheaper than Royal Mail Plc, this is two companies in one our own delivery service for local customers and a Collection & Delivery service for Flintshire for letters to Parcels  the business is already set up and we have a listing on how to book a collection and delivery on our website, when this service becomes more popular then we will launch CHAINLYNX DELIVERIES own website which has been set up already and trademarked
If your just ordering from our store on one or more of our many items and live locally with us , you simply select the delivery time slot you would like your order to arrive,
We will expand to cover North Wales & Parts Of North Of England when our local collection and delivery service becomes more popular than it is already